Roll Shutter Product Benefits

Very simply, the ROLCO Rollshutter is an attractive and unique energy saving and security product that allows you to control the environment inside your home.

Let in the natural warmth of solar heat; shut out the harsh glare of summer sun; create a protective barrier of security and privacy; provide windows and doors with a blanket of insulation in any weather.

Although the shutter is custom designed to fit the outside of any window or door, it is operated very simply, either manually or electronically, from the inside comfort of your home.

The ROLCO Rollshutters is made of interlocking horizontal slats constructed of durable extruded PVC or Aluminum for easy maintenance and lasting beauty.

These slats slide smoothly up and down within vertical aluminum side rails. The cleverness of design allows for variable light control - roll up and out-of-sight for total open vision; roll down just far enough to give you the effect you want; or roll all the way down to completely shut off the outside. Also, with the shutter closed, the interlocking slats can be opened for partial light infiltration to give your room a shaded appearance. You have total control over the amount of light in a room.

Protect Your Business

Save on Energy Costs

Prevent Heat Loss

Protect your Home


ROLCO Rollshutters are ideal for both new construction or remodeling. Professional installers can mount the housing:

  1. in an existing soffit
  2. on the outside surface
  3. directly within the wall (new construction)

These various applications have been designed to serve the specific needs of homeowners, residential builders, commercial or industrial contractors, small business owners or institutional facilities.

Beautiful and Insulating

Open or closed, the ROLCO Rollshutters add to the beauty of you home. When closed, the shutter traps air between itself and the door or window. That dead air space serves as insulation.

The shutters are now available in white, beige, brown,crean and grey finish, each of which greatly enhances the exterior of your house and does an excellent job of reflecting harch solar light.

On hot summer days conventional interior shutters, shades or curtains trap heat on the wrong side of your windows...the inside. But ROLCO Rollshutters are on the exterior, blocking out the hot sun before it ever reaches you window. This keeps the temperature inside cooler and, if you have air conditioning, running time is drastically reduced...and you save money.

During the colder winter months, ROLCO Rollshutters can be rolled up during the day for maximum solar gain. Roll them down in the evening to retain the warmth of the sun's rays inside and achieve more efficient use of you heating system.

And when you don't need the shutter's protection, you simply roll it up, out-of-sight, and no one even knows it's there!

Extra Weather Protection

High winds, hail, heavy rain -- all can be very damaging to your windows and doors. ROLCO Rollshutters help defeat potentially dangerous elements. Interior condensation or ice build-up ? In most cases, they are eliminated.

An Effective Security System

When you're away from home, vandals, thieves and intruders can cause untold damage and harm to your dwelling and your valued possessions. With ROLCO Rollshutters you'll have a security system designed specifically for your home. Then when you travel on vacation or business, rest assured that these shutters seal off access to your home and provide a protective barrier that hides your valuables from sight and deters intruders. Your family is safer, and you have greater peace of mind.

Privacy made Perfect

Whether you live in a secluded area or in a neighborhood where neighbors are a little "too close", your family is assured of a private, secure environment with ROLCO Rollshutters. Also if you need privacy and quiet for sleep, day or night, all you have to do is lower you shutters until the room is darkened and outside noise is diminished.

ROLCO Rollshutters, the only Government-tested Rollshutter System.
Provides maximum security & weather protection for your home & business.

Enjoy the peace of mind that quality Rollshutters by ROLCO can bring to your surroundings. A beautiful range of colours add the professional designer touch to your decor with guaranteed quality products and workmanship.


  • cuts heating and cooling costs
  • offers total control over amount of light in any room
  • increases beauty and value of your investment
  • operated from inside the home or business
  • provides maximum security and privacy

All installations are custom manufactured for the perfect fit and colour coordination. Factory trained crews provide a minimum disturbance and most installations are completed the same day


  • CMHC acceptance no. 10935
  • CSA approved electrical components
  • 10 year factory guarantee
  • Recommended by Security Associations across Canada and U.S.A.
  • Tested and approved by WARNOCK HERSEY Laboratories for the highest quality and termal resistance.
  • For information or a demonstration on how ROLCO Rollshutters can be of value to you, contact us for a no-nonsense evaluation.

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